“Since I have four kids, I was happy I could get my certification at home. And the training was great, because I got a job right away as a laser tech, and now I’m the manager. I get to retrain the new techs who went to other schools for their certification – they don’t have a clue what they’re doing, and they have no self-confidence. This program is the best!”

“I studied the curriculum at home, and it was the best approach for me. Honestly, I was nervous starting into this new career at my age (I’m over 40 years old). I have gone back and studied the CDs again and again, which has been much better than sitting in class and hearing the information just once. I am a Micro Franchise Partner, and I’m impressed at how effective the system is.”

“The training was thorough and exciting. I was surprised at how quickly I was using the laser, and that I understood what I was doing.” Jessica
“The potential to make money is real. I am working as an intern and have already made enough to cover my tuition. I am learning so much about lasers and the business side of the laser business.”

“Being able to learn the material on my own time, rather than having to show up for classes, made it so easy to understand what I was studying.” Dolores

“I recommend this program to anyone who wants to work for themselves. It’s great training.”

“I love hearing from my clients that I have done something to make an improvement in their lives. I’m now a part of a team that offers affordable, effective solutions to those who have always wanted to change that one thing about themselves.”