Get To Work

Our Purpose

Our school was founded in 2009 with two objectives:

– to provide practical and affordable laser certification programs, and

– to equip students with knowledge, experience, and confidence so they achieve success as laser technicians.

People who are happy with their looks accomplish amazing things. If you change a look, you’ll change a life.

And doesn’t that sound like a great job?

At the Laser Training and Certification Institute, we’ll show you how to use the most advanced cosmetic equipment available. The demand for qualified laser technicians is growing, and with our certification, you’ll have the confidence, courage, and credentials to enter this growing industry.

During the last decade, the use of cosmetic lasers by non-medical users has increased at a mind-blowing rate, and it’s not going to stop. From skin tightening to tattoo removal to hair removal, laser procedures are becoming more popular than ever, and the field is open to anyone who wants to play.

Laser Training and Certification Institute was founded and is owned by a woman and operated by (mostly) women who also work as laser technicians. We love what we do, and we want to help you succeed! There’s plenty of business for everyone, so get started now.

We have a close, personal relationship with a laser business, also owned by the director and founder of Laser Training and Certification Institute, Beth Smart. Beth WANTS to hire qualified laser techs, and she WANTS to help laser techs succeed in the laser industry by working for themselves. So she’s developed two different options:

Laser Internship Program

Spend 100 days with a busy laser office in a suburb of Denver, Colorado, USA. As part of the staff, you’ll do laser treatments. You’ll learn everything about being a laser tech. You’ll become a confident and credible expert in doing laser treatments. This experience is invaluable.

Requirements for Applying:

  1.   Must be a certified laser technician (certificate does NOT have to be from our school)
  2.   Must provide a resume and complete an Internship Application.
  3.   Must successfully complete a written and oral exam.
  4.   Must be able to demonstrate ability to perform a laser treatment.
  5.   Must be available to work at least two days a week for a total of 100 worked days in Centennial, Colorado, USA.

Other requirements and conditions may apply. To apply to the Internship Program or with any questions, please contact Hayleigh at 303-750-3100 or

Micro Franchise Project

If you are ambitious, driven and entrepreneurial, and you want to start your own laser business, please allow us to make a recommendation: don’t do it!

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Don’t start from scratch! Don’t make the same millions of mistakes that others have already made.

Instead, DO explore the opportunity of acquiring a piece of an existing piece of an established, successful laser business. You can come under the umbrella of Beth’s laser business and take advantage of her brand and name. She’ll work with you to establish your own personality using her proven and tested standard operating procedures that have proven to drive in business and increase sales.

Whether you want to add a single laser to your existing business or you want to open your own office and offer everything possible, please contact Beth Smart to learn about the Micro Franchise Project. Email her at or call her at 720-382-1365