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Laser Training and Certification Institute is happy to offer the following courses at the most reasonable prices on the planet. Registering is simple: just click and pay for the program you’re interested in. Your course content will be shipped to you within 48 hours.
All you need is a computer with a CD player and speakers, and the time to watch and learn in your own way on your own time.

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If you’re not a certified laser technician, but want to be, then this is where you should start – just pick the treatment specialty you want to focus on. Order any or all of our training DVDs, and you’ll be able to take your time learning the material. Because the content is so practical and useful, you’ll be amazed at how often you’ll return to the training material for review.

How to get your certificate

The way to get your laser certification from Laser Training and Certification Institute is to pass our exam. So get started now and order one of the Treatment Specialty programs listed. As soon as we receive your order, we’ll ship out your training DVD. Study the material on your own time and at your own pace.

Treatment Specialty

Get tested:

When you’re ready for the exam, contact us at 720-382-1365 or We’ll send you instructions on how to receive, take, and submit your exam. Do not request exam instructions until you’re prepared to be tested; you have one week to submit your exam once we forward exam instructions. Failure to submit your exam within this time, or failure to earn an 80% grade or better within two attempts will result in additional fees.

Once you have successfully passed the exam with an 80% grade or better, we will send you your official Certificate. All your hard work WILL BE REWARDED!

Important note:

You will not receive a Certificate until you successfully pass the exam with an 80% grade or better. Only registered students will be awarded Certificates; Laser Training and Certification Institute will not award a certificate to anyone who is not a registered student.

Additional Certification

Are you one of those ambitious ones who wants to learn everything? Here’s where you can add additional laser treatment specialties (don’t pick the area you’ve already selected from above). If you have a med spa or you’re already a Certified Laser Technician and want additional certification on hair removal, skin rejuvenation treatments, or tattoo removal, then these DVD programs are for you. You will receive in-depth information and training from a Master Laser Technician with years of experience and advice in any of these programs.

NOTE: This option is only available to Certified Laser Technicians, or if you have registered for one of our Treatment Specialty programs.

Additional Specialty

Advanced Training:

If you’re looking for training on a specific laser, we offer clear and complete explanations on four of Candela’s best lasers – the GentleYag, the GentleLase, Alex Tri Vantage (ATV), and the V Beam Perfecta. If you have Candela lasers, you’ll appreciate being able to learn and study how to use them on your own time, at your own pace.

Experienced staff of the Laser Training and Certification Institute is also available to for in-your-office training, using your Candela lasers. For more information about this option, please contact the Institute at 720-382-1365 or email us at Order any or all of our DVDs in the Laser Use & Treatment Demonstrations category, and you’ll learn step-by-step instructions on how to do every laser treatment the laser is FDA-cleared to perform. Plus, you’ll hear helpful hints on how to do the various treatments from a Master Certified Laser Technician with over 10,000 hours of experience on all these lasers.

Everyone in your office can benefit from the relevant and clear instructions found on these DVDs. Because the content is so practical and useful, you’ll be amazed at how often you and the staff return to the training material for review.

Laser Use & Treatment Demonstrations

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you’ve submitted your order, we’ll ship your DVD(s) to you, along with a personalized “Certificate of Completion.” And know that if you provide us with the names of others who review the material, we’ll send them official certificates at no additional charge.

Plan for profit:

Completing our Write a Marketing Plan in a Jiffy course is the easiest way to guarantee your success. ANYONE in ANY business can benefit from this course. In as little as two hours, you can create a clear plan to get from where you are now to where you want to go!

Marketing Plan in a Jiffy!

Get experience:

If you’re interested in working in a laser business, then registering for our Get Experience! course in Centennial, Colorado is the way to go. The best person to learn from are people who know to help you learn what they know. While our Laser Use & Treatment Demonstrations DVD programs (previous section) will show you how to do laser treatments using Candela lasers, nothing compares to doing the treatments under the watchful and caring eyes of mentors. Register for one, two, or three consecutive days of hands-on training with our sister laser clinic, and you’ll gain an invaluable understanding of the workings of laser business and how to do laser treatments.

Register for the number of days you’d like to experience the hands-on element of our training. We recommend at least two days if you’ve never done this before. Once we receive your registration information, we will contact you to schedule your training.

During your training, you’ll be introduced to one or many lasers by experienced Certified Laser Technicians. They’ll show you what you need to know and they’ll help you learn how to do real laser treatments on real people. By the end of the experience, you’ll have a solid understanding of lasers, settings, treatments, maintenance, and client care, plus you’ll feel confident and credible. You’ll also receive an official Certificate that reflects the number and type of treatments you performed.

Hands-On Laser Training & Experience

Get to work!
Intern in Colorado: If you’re interested in working in a laser business, then you may find applying for an internship at our sister laser center in Centennial, Colorado USA is the way to go. For more information about this opportunity, please contact Hayleigh at 303-750-3100 or email her at

Work for Yourself: If you are interested in starting your own laser business, you have two choices:

Option 1: Invent your own business plan and model, borrow boatloads of money, make one gazillion mistakes, almost lose your shirt (and pants, dress, socks, and purse), be stressed out all the time, never sleep, always be in fear and full of worry, and maybe, hopefully succeed in spite of the statistics that show 9 out of 10 businesses fail their first year, OR

Option 2: You can get on the bandwagon of a small but mighty woman-owned and operated laser business in Denver, Colorado. Beth Smart started her laser business in 2006 with no experience or any of the training you’re being offered in this Program. Being a start-up business, she experienced the mistakes, worries, fears, and stresses that come with starting any business. She was a single mom with two small children and had no experience in the laser world, but she beat the odds that said she would certainly fail. With the Micro Franchise Project, Beth has successfully helped many people accomplish their dreams of running their own laser business, and she wants to help you! For more information about the Micro Franchise Project, contact Beth Smart at 720-382-1365 or email her at