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If you want to get certified to do the most requested cosmetic laser treatments, then spend your time and money wisely.

Learn from us.

We practice what we teach, and we’ll teach you what you need to know to work in the laser industry.

The Laser Training and Certification Institute in Centennial, Colorado, USA, is dedicated to giving our students a practical and affordable laser certification experience.

Hands-On Training and Experience

With our approach to teaching, nearly anyone can learn the basics of being a laser technician. To get your certification, you don’t have to touch a laser.

That’s the fun part, though, so once you’re certified (through us or another state-approved program), come join us at our at our sister company (an established laser clinic), where you’ll do real laser treatments on real people.

This hands-on training in our office in Colorado can be scheduled around YOU. We’ll give you the experience you need by helping you do the treatments you want to practice. Register for this course here:

Hands-On Laser Training & Experience

Plan For Profit

To succeed in business (and life), you have to have a plan. You have to have thought about how you’re going to compete, serve, find clients, and keep clients.

Having a marketing plan is the key to helping you get your laser business going and growing. We can help you write your plan quickly.

It’s a simple but powerful process that helps you discover your goals and dreams, strengths, and fears.

Whether you have a laser business or sell cars, completing this course and following the Plan will help you, just as it’s helped many laser technicians generate more income than their coworkers.

Your Marketing Plan will work if you work it! Click here to register.

Marketing Plan in a Jiffy!