About Us

The Laser Training & Certification Institute is the one of the only training schools in the world that is operated by technicians who currently work in the industry. With our training, you’ll find you have the competitive advantage in getting a job as a laser tech. No kidding.

Founded in 2009 by Beth Smart, the Laser Training and Certification Institute was designed to teach the core basics that are necessary to operate a cosmetic laser. Beth had tried for years to find qualified, confident Certified Laser Technicians to work in her laser business and sadly discovered that the laser techs applying for the job lacked basic knowledge about how to do a laser treatment.

Beth interviewed technicians who had spent up to $16,000 and three weeks of their lives attending laser certification programs that promised them the world, but didn’t teach them the basics of what they really needed to know to work as a laser technician. One person she interviewed had spent over $10,000 to get her certificate and had never performed a laser treatment during her training!

Beth was frustrated! She felt bad for these people who had wasted so much of their time and money on training that promised too much and taught so little. So she wrote her own curriculum and started teaching people how to operate the laser. The school is approved by the State of Colorado Division of Occupational Schools.

Make no mistake: a cosmetic laser is a medical device that has the potential to permanently damage someone if used improperly. But the action of operating a laser properly is easily learned. This isn’t rocket science or brain surgery.

When you got your driver’s license, did it mean you knew everything there was to know about driving a car? Did you know how to fix a car? Did you understand how the car’s engine worked? Or did none of that really matter? Have you spent the last however many years since you first got your driver’s license becoming a better driver? Probably!

You may not have known how to parallel park, or drive on water or ice, but chances are good that as you’ve gone through the acts of driving, you’ve become a better driver.

It’s the same experience with being a laser technician.

If you learned enough to get your driver’s license, then you can get certified to be a laser technician, and if you have the right laser, you can safely and effectively help your clients. YES YOU CAN!

No school can (or should) promise you that you’ll know everything about lasers and be able to do everything after attending their program. What a Certification program should promise you is that you’ll get a relevant, core, basic understanding of all the aspects of being a laser technician, and then offer you a chance to practice being a laser technician. Equally important, the program should equip you with the confidence and courage to get out there and do it.

That’s what we do.

Give us a call at 720-382-1365. Let us answer your questions and help you determine if this is the right training for you.